Make Educated Decisions Based on Science

No Prior Knowledge in Science, Nutrition, Medicine is Required To Understand What's Going On inside Your Body.

Ibesity Course Includes:  8 Modules + 1 BONUS Module, 67 Video Lessons in Total

Ibesity - Make Educated Decisions in Obesity & Metabolic Syndrome Epidemic

Typical Topics Covered in This Course eg:

  • Quick self-tests on your current metabolic health
  • What are the indicators of metabolic syndrome?
  • What is the culprit of metabolic syndrome, how to tackle it ?
  • How to work with our protective mechanism, not against it, to prevent weight regain?
  • Why is it harder to lose the weight you've put on for years than over a short period of time?
  • What hormones are involved in contributing to the development of obesity and metabolic syndrome epidemic?
  • How to get those hormones back to normal naturally?
  • What causes the inflammation? How to reduce the internal inflammation?
  • How to reverse the bad consequences caused by various causal factors in our lives? in order to restore our optimal health?
  • What is food addiction all about, how to fight with food addiction?
  • What are the most effective approaches in fighting with our current obesity and metabolic syndrome epidemic from the scientific perspective?
  • What is the 'Perfect' Diet for each of us from the scientific perspective?
  • What are the pitfalls in the supermarkets?
  • Is there a best timing for meals? how and why that matters?
  • Popular diets in the market nowadays might not be suitable for you & why?
  • Knowing how to make a positive change based on science
  • Alternative Approaches to Better Metabolic Health

And the decisions, the changes you made from just knowing the previously unknowns can help you to avoid being exploited from various parties in this epidemic. Also, The Scientific knowledge you've learnt from this course equip you to learn more on your own if you wish. Your health is in your own hand, that is you've got to know the science behind first.

So Don't Wait Until it's too Late!

Obviously We're Not Going To Charge You $2,997 For Our Affordable Training Course ...

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According to WHO statistics, over 80% of Diseases can be prevented by our lifestyle & diet.

That, of course, includes metabolic diseases - those chronic diseases, and obesity.

Everybody is different in their genetic makeup, their personal lifestyles, their diets, their living conditions etc.

That can all contributes to different needs from our diet, and triggers the hormonal imbalances inside. .

In order to achieve our optimal health, to understand our body & to truly know what is going on in the body to develop those diseases, is the 1st step to the path of good health.

The Gift of knowledge is a powerful thing, it guides us to make educated decisions in every day of our lives. Always remember that, reverse a bad situation requires taking action as early as possible.

Start to make a change today is better than later!

I want to encourage everybody to take control of your own health, and be in control of it for the rest of your life. & hopefully it all starts today.

What are you waiting for?